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Factors Affecting the Cost of Your Skip Bin Hire

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Skip bins are widely used throughout the country by both residential and commercial premises. They are convenient means of waste disposal and make it easier for many people to manage items that they don't need.

The cost of a skip bin will depend on many different factors. Skips come in various sizes, types and rental periods, all of which affect the final price. If you are interested in cheap skip bin hire, keep in mind the following price-determining factors.

The rental period

The longer you rent a skip bin, the higher the cost will be. Most hiring companies rent their skips for certain defined periods (such as two weeks, one month, and so forth). If you need the skip for a longer period, you will either incur a daily surcharge or you'll need to renew the rental period altogether.

In some cases, renewing the rental period may cost more than paying the daily surcharge.

The size of the skip

Larger skip bins will cost more than smaller skips. It is important to assess how much waste you need to remove from your premises before renting a skip. Without proper planning, you may end up hiring a skip bin that is larger than your required capacity.

Even worse, you may end up hiring a small skip that is not able to fit all your waste items. In such cases, you may end up having to hire a second skip at an extra cost so you don't end up overflowing the first one with waste.

The type of waste being disposed

Skip bins that are designed to handle special types of waste may cost more than skips for regular household waste items. For example, there are skips that are specially designed to handle asbestos-containing materials, biological waste, and chemicals.

These skips may be designed with materials that are meant to minimise associated risks with these items. They also tend to be limited in availability and can cost more to hire than regular skip bins.

The company you hire from

Each company has its own pricing policy for the skip bins that it hires out. It is a good idea to compare several companies before making a decision on the company you want to work with. Rather than going for the cheapest available services, compare the price that the company charges with its level of service.

The location

Hiring companies that are located close to your business is typically more affordable. This is because the cost of delivering and picking up the skip is lower due to the reduced distance. In addition, some companies may charge more for fitting the skip bin in hard-to-reach areas of the premises.