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Two Reasons Why Air Quality Consulting Is Not Limited To Commercial Spaces

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While you know you cannot live without air, not many homeowners are concerned about their indoor air quality. Abbreviated as IAQ, your indoor air quality can have a massive impact on your overall wellbeing as well as your loved ones who inhabit the home. Hence, just as you may worry about seasonal allergies that typically stem from the outdoors, it is important to be keen about your IAQ. Air quality consultants not only identify what is diminishing the quality of your indoor air, but they are also skilled in remediating the environment via methods such as green cleaning, abatement and so on. Read on to learn about why air quality consulting is not limited to commercial spaces so that you can have your IAQ improved as soon as possible.

Poor IAQ will have a negative impact on your health.

One of the major reasons why your IAQ should not be taken for granted is that it will have an immediate effect on your health. A few of the symptoms of poor quality air inside your home include chronic coughing, sneezing and wheezing. If the pollutants are toxic, you may even develop chronic fatigue and constant headaches every time you are in the house. Moreover, you and your loved ones may constantly suffer from allergies, irrespective of the weather outside! The reason why poor IAQ will lead to the manifestation of physical symptoms is that the air could contain contaminants such as mould. Therefore, it is critical to seek the services of an air quality consultant who will perform various tests to determine if the air in your home is what is making you sick.

Poor IAQ can damage your house.

As mentioned above, one of the foremost reasons why the air quality inside your home could be in jeopardy is due to an undiagnosed mould infestation. Most people will be wary of black spots on the walls, since this tends to be the typical sign of mould. However, if the mould is inside the walls of your home and has not yet manifested on the surface of the walls, you could be living in a compromised residence without knowing it! When the mould is left unchecked since it has not been identified, it can wreak havoc to the entire structure, which leaves weakened ceilings, framing and so on. By enlisting air quality services, you not only get to find out what has been affecting your health, but the mould is abated, and this saves your property from further structural damage.